Marrakech Framework for Action

Did you know about the Marrakech Framework of Action for Adult Education (MFA)?

The Marrakesh Framework for Action represents a global commitment to advancing lifelong learning, formalized at the UNESCO International Conference on Adult Education (CONFINTEA VI) held in Marrakesh, Morocco. This strategic document outlines a comprehensive approach to promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all, emphasizing the critical role of adult education in achieving sustainable development, social inclusion, and personal empowerment. The Framework is built on the recognition that education is a continuous process that extends beyond traditional schooling into all phases of human life, necessitating accessible and equitable learning opportunities for adults and youth alike.

Key priorities of the Marrakesh Framework for Action include improving access to quality adult education, enhancing literacy programs, and fostering the skills necessary for individuals to participate fully in society and the economy. It calls for the creation of inclusive learning environments that cater to diverse needs, leveraging technology to expand access, and promoting policies that support lifelong learning as a fundamental component of national education systems.

The Framework encourages collaboration among governments, civil society, educational institutions, and the private sector to invest in adult learning and education. It aims to mobilize resources, strengthen capacities, and implement innovative practices, thereby contributing to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Through its implementation, the Marrakesh Framework for Action seeks to transform lives and societies through the power of adult education.

  • Educators from 142 countries have adopted the MFA.
  • MFA focuses on sustainability of Adult Learning to ensure quality education for all, including global citizenship, learning in digital environments, re-skilling and upskilling for work in a changing world.

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