We are pleased to announce our membership in the
International Council for Adult Education

Joins with others to:

  • Shed light on major issues in lifelong learning education
  • Advocate for policies and actions to achieve education opportunities for all adults
  • Engage in dialogue, network, and voice perspectives on efforts to develop, maintain, and improve the development of adult learning within the United States and internationally.

During 2016, COLLO sponsored two key events, held in conjunction with the International Council for Adult Education, UNESCO, and UNESCO Commission members in the United States and Canada that provided opportunities for members and others to consider, conduct dialogues about and provide input on two major international initiatives that will affect policies and practices in lifelong learning and adult education for decades to come:

  • The United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals, officially known as "Transforming our World: The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development" http://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/sustainable-development-goals
  • Rethinking Education: Towards a Global Common Good? (UNESCO, 2015). Commissioned by UNESCO, this report encourages public debate among education stakeholders, and different sectors, to rethink the purpose and structure of education in the face of present and future challenges and the targets set by Sustainable Development Goal 4 and Education 2030.

For more information on these initiatives see Symposium Agenda | (PDF Version) and Symposium Resources | (PDF Version) or Read the Consultation Report.

During 2017, COLLO and its stakeholders embarked on a strategic planning process to identify and imitate COLLO Strategic Actions 2017-2020 to maintain COLLO's mission and to move the coalition forward together. These are:

  1. Contribute to international reports on Adult Education in the United States and North America.
  2. Impact federal policy and legislation to support lifelong learning (e.g., follow up on Lifelong Learning Act).
  3. Act on the UNESCO Recommendation on Adult Learning and Education (2015). See: http://uil.unesco.org/adult-learning-and-education/unesco-recommendation/new-unesco-recommendation-adult-learning-and-0
  4. Reach out to the international community, especially Canada, to work collaboratively.
  5. Gain visibility quickly for lifelong learning and COLLO.
  6. Reach out to all member organizations. Engage them in the actions to move COLLO forward.
  7. Create a list of events (i.e., Meetings on Sustainable Development Goals from UNESCO) as a resource for COLLO and member organizations so we can all decide on responses/participation.

Becoming a champion of the Educate & Elevate Campaign led by the Coalition on Adult Basic Education (COABE) and National Council of State Directors of Adult Education (NCSDAE) to promote public awareness of and investment in, COLLO also joined COABE as a Strand Partner of its 2018 Annual Conference.

Please send your suggestions for high priority issues for COLLO to address to advance adult and lifelong learning to info@thecollo.org.

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