Statements on the Coalition

The Coalition of Lifelong Learning Organizations (COLLO), formally established in 1973, consists of national associations and groups that share a common interest in enhancing the field of lifelong learning, i.e., adult and continuing education, throughout the nation. These organizations represent public schools, institutions of higher education, industry, labor groups, and most importantly, the learners themselves.

COLLO brings its member organizations together to foster closer cooperation and coordination of efforts to develop, maintain, and improve adult learning in the United States. Internationally, the Coalition encourages networking among adult educators interested in international lifelong learning education.

The growing importance of lifelong learning education to the total U.S. education system is clear to all. In this arena, COLLO provides a forum for the exchange of information among member organizations. At its meetings, members review new lifelong learning education programs, innovative examples of the use of technology, and reports from non-member organizations with specialized targeted programs. Updates on ever-changing legislation are also presented.

COLLO has taken a very active role in promoting lifelong learning education best exemplified by its annual Outstanding Service Award for distinguished contributions to the field of lifelong learning education. Recipients of this award have included author/educator Malcolm S. Knowles, Professor K. Patricia Cross, educator Morris Keeton, Senator Paul Simon, literacy advocate Barbara Bush and advocate for adult secondary and post-secondary education Henry Spille.

The Coalition makes it possible to accomplish goals which individual organizations cannot achieve alone. It is continually ready to meet future challenges that face our constituent members.